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grrlscouts's Journal

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Razor Burn//Glitter Scars//Fucked By A Star
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What I want, what will I need
To sacrifice what I believe
My little girlscout, your mouth is getting sore
Will you love me any less if I hurt you any more


Dehumanize my heart

[-]this community is for discussing your bitchcore needs
[-]talk about bands such as: my ruin, jack off jill, scarling, snake river conspiracy, hole, garbage, etc etc.
[-]discuss your concert experiences, post pictures, letters, I don't care
[-]talk about glam, glits, stores, clothes, shoes...girlie shit.

Obviously this community is more likely to be for females, but if you're male and wanna join...be my guest.

[-]no negative comments to other members
[-]no stealing icons, writings, pictures, etc with out that member's permission
[-]if you're going to post tons of pics, use the Lj cut tag

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